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Language Session Prices/Hour

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* GST applied to classes registered for while in India

*We schedule for a month at a time, so the hours/week level applied to you will be based on the average hours/week you are scheduled for each month.

*We offer classes online and in-person for the same rate. Transportation fees will be added to cover your Nurturers’ expenses if you are requesting in-person classes in Delhi further than 5k from Mehrauli.

The more hours you take, the less you pay! 


Learning Language and Culture with Launch India

Let Launch India support you in your journey using the fun and effective GPA approach.  Our program includes 1500+ hours of supercharged activities designed to help you build langua-cultural fluency first with our friendly Nurturers fluent in Hindi-Urdu and Punjabi, and then launching you into deep relationships within your community. 

Services included in your language sessions:

Orientation to Each Phase

Hindi Script Resources

Coaching Sessions with Certified GPA Language Learning Encourager

Monthly Progress Reports

Digital Library of Language Learning Resources

Community of Other Learners

Contact us for a free trial class or consultation with certified GPA coach.

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"I loved the GPA method of immersive language learning. I am blown away by the amount of language I have retained in such a short time! GPA is engaging, fun, and an effective language learning experience."

—  GI, Phase 3 Student

Additional Services


Fully Furnished Apartments

Consider lodging in Delhi with Launch India for a short or long term stay! We have a variety of flats available with all the basic amenities and furniture. Each is in the heart of the Mehrauli neighborhood and within walking distance of our language center. 

1200 INR ($16) / night - one room
58,800 INR ($800) / month - full 3BHK flat

Online Discussion


Ready to really immerse yourself in India? A great opportunity is doing a homestay with an Indian family. By living with a local family you will gain unparalleled insights into life, culture, and language.

Let us help you make homestay arrangements to best serve your needs!


Kids Classes

We encourage children aged 10 and above to consider doing our normal GPA program starting in Phase 1. Kids are invited to join their parents' phase 1 course at the discounted rate of just $100. Kids younger than 10 years old are also welcome to try the normal GPA program or you may consider starting with something smaller such as our Kids Program. 

30 minute class: 520 INR for 1-2 children
520 INR for each additional child in the class


Language Assessment

Launch India has developed listening and speaking assessments unique to each of the Phases in the GPA program for Hindi/Urdu and Bengali. These are designed to provide you or your organization with customized feedback on areas where you are excelling and areas needing more focus as you continue through your program.

Schedule your assessment below!

3,700 INR ($50) / assessment


Trainings and Consulting

Interested in accessing practical training which goes beyond just language? Contact us to schedule a training in managing house help, healthy living practices in India, business startup principles, more in-depth training to GPA and more!

Looking to train your own local Nurturer? We provide consultations and trainings as well as more formal partnerships to help get you started well. We are also open to venturing into other languages besides Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Telugu. So let us know what you are looking for and we can see how we can help!


Click below to hear about upcoming opportunities or to request a consultation.

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Still have questions? Let us know how we can help!