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Growing Participator Approach 

Learn language and culture in a way that is effective and fun

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How does GPA approach language learning?

It's not a language to be learned but a life to be lived!


The Growing Participator Approach positions learners to reach

     langua-cultural fluency


meaning they are a full participator with many deep relationships in another langua-culture. 

GPA Descriptors





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What will you do in GPA?

You will follow the Six Phases of GPA in your language progression beginning with connecting to the Hindi Urdu or Punjabi world through a relationship with your Nurturer and launching to a never-ending phase of participation and growing through deep relationships and regular engagement in the language and culture. The phases and resources in between provide the necessary encouragement and challenges to support you in this journey.

Launch India provides each of the Phases described below both in person and online.

Phase 2 : Story Building

(150 hrs)

Let your personality emerge within your relationship with locals as you begin communicating your own ideas by building stories through wordless picture books.

Phase 4 : Deep Life Sharing

(500 hrs)

Develop deep friendships with locals and expand your language exposure through listening to their life stories and sharing your own. Begin regular record for feedback activities so your Nurturer can help you fix common errors in your own speech.

Phase 6 : Self-Sustaining Growth in Community

(Lifestyle Growing Participation)

Continue your language and cultural growth through the everyday relational interactions of work, play, and life.

Phase 1 : Here and Now

(100 hrs)

Start the journey of connecting to your nurturer and begin understanding the tangible "here-and-now" words of people in North India by engaging in structured play activities.

Phase 3 : Shared Stories

(250 hrs)

Using shared stories as a bridge to understanding, dive deeper into language, host culture, and your budding relationship with your nurturers.

Phase 5 : Native to Native

(500 hrs)

Widen your understanding through study of native-to-native discourse, expanding your comprehension and ability to use the colloquial language like the locals.

Ready to start your language sessions? Get started below.

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In Person Class

For language Phases 1-5 you can join your Nurturer face-to-face in Delhi and continue your language learning journey. Schedule your class today! 


Online Class

You can join your Nurturer over Zoom for any phase, from anywhere in the world, anytime between 9am IST-6pm IST for our normal rates and in our overtime block (6pm-10pm IST) for an additional 18%. Schedule your class today! 

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Phase 1

You don't have to wait to arrive in India or be here in Delhi in person to start learning Hindi-Urdu or Punjabi. Using our unique Miro-Zoom system, you can begin your language journey whenever and wherever. Sign up now!


Kids Camp

Help your kids learn to love their new home. Through interactive games and activities, our Nurturer will guide them through playful, language sessions. 

Frequently asked questions about GPA

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