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Phase 1 Online and In Person

New Group Classes Starting Online and In Person October 3, November 7, and January 8!


With the experienced guidance of an Indian nurturer, you will participate in interactive language exercises designed to help you learn Hindi-Urdu or Punjabi in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

Your Indian language and culture adventure can begin as simple as that! Let us be your guide in this new pursuit.

What will you do in Phase 1?

  • Learn 1000+ vocabulary words!

  • Go through various exercises which emphasize learning through play and interaction

  • Begin forming basic phrases and sentences in Hindi-Urdu or Punjabi

  • Form a deep relationship with your Indian language nurturer

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How does Online Phase 1 work?

To do Phase 1 online you will need a computer, recording device and an internet connection. Using the apps Zoom and Miro, you will participate in listening and pointing exercises that visually connect new words directly to pictures.
As your vocabulary grows, you'll start building your own basic sentences through fun, interactive activities. By the the end of the 100 hours of this first course, you'll have acquired nearly 1000 words and be communicating in simple sentences!

Ready to get started? Have more questions?

Connect with one of our language learning encouragers or schedule a free trial class to learn more.

Check out our pricing by clicking below:

Sign Up Today!

The Phase 1 schedule should fit your needs. We recommend four hours of class per day for five days per week,  finishing in just six weeks. Our two most popular options are listed below. Also note that kids are encouraged to join their parents' Phase 1 course for just $100. Please schedule a consultation or free trial class today to let us know how we can serve your needs best.

Option 1: 4 Hours/Day Peer Rate Phase 1 Course Online

Class Dates: October 3-November 3


9:10am-1:10pm IST

Option 2: 2.5 Hours/Day Group Rate Hindi/Urdu Phase 1 Course Online

Class Dates: November 7- December 23


12:50pm-3:20pm IST

Option 3: 4 Hours/Day Group Rate Hindi/Urdu Phase 1 Course In Person

Class Dates: January 8-February 9


9:10am-1:10pm IST

Option 4: Reach out and let us know your ideal start time! 

We will let you know our upcoming availability and work to help get you started at the pace of your preference. 

Option 5: Phases 1-5 Courses Starting Regularly

When would it be ideal for you to start Phase 1-5? Do you want in person or online? Do you want individual course or group course? 10 hours per week, 15 hours per week, 20 hours per week, or 25 hours per week? The courses listed for Options 1-3 already have a participant in them so you are most likely guaranteed the pair or group rate if you join for those times. The courses listed for Option 2-4 represents a potential start times, but not yet confirmed. We are happy to advertise your ideal start time here on our site to see if we can find a peer or group for you, but we give no guarantee we can provide that. So, we are happy to work with you to get you started at a pace and time that is helpful for you as we are able, though we require a 10 hour/week minimum. Contact us for more information.

Mondays-Fridays between 9am IST-6pm IST

(We offer classes between 6pm-10pm IST at our overtime rate and the 10 hour minimum is not required in this block). 

See our GPA Page for the Durations of Phases 1-5. If you are wanting to start with us but already have some experience, we will help you assess which Phase is right for you. 

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Reach out for a free trial class or consultation!

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