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Our passion is to share our knowledge and love for this country and its people

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Launch India Digital Library

Check out our library of resources available only to Launch India learners like you! Organized by phase or language-culture focus, our resources will empower you to deeply engage with the amazing people of India. 

Register for regular sessions to be granted access the Launch India Digital Library!

What is included:

100+ hours of recordings 

Script learning materials

Grammar resources

Picture books for class

Digital Library

Language Coaching

 Meet with our certified language coaches for a customized language plan, encouragement, inspiration, accountability, or whatever you need!


Grammar Training

Starting in Phase 2, you will receive focused training in the Hindi-Urdu grammar, helping you avoid the most common language mistakes


Reading and Writing

Being able to read and write can open up of opportunities in language and culture, and Launch has activities designed to learn to do both

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