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Kids Classes

Helping children grow to love their Indian home


Start online today!

You do not need to wait to arrive in India for your kids to start their Indian journey. We have adapted our online Phase 1 program to a version that is engaging for kids and easy to use!

Kids younger than 10 years old are also welcome to try the normal GPA program or you may consider starting with something smaller such as our monthly Kids Camp.

Making learning fun!

Let us connect your child with a Hindi-speaking friend and help them develop a mindset that learning Hindi is fun!

We encourage children aged 10 and above to consider doing our normal GPA program starting in Phase 1 at our regular 10 hour/week minimum scheduling requirement. Kids can join their parents' Phase 1 course for just $100! 

Our regular Phase 1 program, using games and activities, makes the learning process enjoyable and engaging for kids. 

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Kids Camps offered once a month for $25 per child. Reach out for more information!

Sign up for online or in person classes today!

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What will the kids do and learn in class?

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Interested in learning more? Contact us below!

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