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Launch India Administration

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Our home and historic neighborhood

Launch India is located in the historic neighborhood of Mehrauli in Delhi, allowing our guests to experience deep immersive opportunities. Mehrauli is the original settlement location of Delhi. It is also an alive and functioning modern neighborhood hosting key sites for six different religions, making it a fascinating intersection of historic and contemporary India.

Our Partners

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Project Mehrauli

Want to learn about Mehrauli? We offer unique tours and experiences in the Mehrauli neighborhood. You can go on a sunrise walk along the fortress walls of Sanjay Van or learn about local spiritual practices on the Six Religions Tour. Check out these opportunities on their site below!


Go Deeper Travel

What to schedule a trip to learn about living in North India? Looking to book a trip to Agra or elsewhere in India? Or maybe you need to make travel arrangements for a family member or friend? Go Deeper is here to help! We provide trusted service at affordable rates. Learn more at the website below!

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