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Because learning Hindi Urdu & Punjabi Grammar should be fun!


Engaging, Fun Activities

Starting in Phase 2B, you will be given access to Launch India's Hindi Urdu grammar workshop resources so that you can begin incorporating regular grammar intensive activities into your language sessions. This program is filled with fun, interactive exercises, designed to make the learning of difficult content more enjoyable, approachable and effective than ever before.  


How do you learn grammar in GPA?

The number one way for language learners to grow in their skills of using grammar correctly in their speech is that they have heard native speakers use grammar constructs correctly hundreds of times. For this reason, GPA prioritizes listening throughout its program. In addition to this general approach, GPA also offers various activities to increase one's exposure to specific grammar concepts such as Grammar workshops useful for Phases 2-5 and the Record for Feedback activity useful in Phases 4 & 5. 


Grammar Intensives

Sign up for a month of specific grammar focus where you and a Nurturer will work through every activity in the 5-part Launch India Grammar Workshop program including the topics of:

  • Nouns, Pronouns, & Adjectives

  • Verbs

  • Sentence Structure

  • Colloquialisms

  • Numbers, Dates, and More.  

Inquire here about grammar workshops and intensives!

Grammar Activity Example

Read a few simple guiding principles and rules about a specific grammar construct. Next, you will use these resources to hear your Nurturer use that grammar construct over and over again until you start to get a feel for the patterns (Input Activity). Finally, with the help of your Nurturer, you will immediately apply this practice to your own speech by making several example sentences yourself (Output Activity).

Step-by-Step Instructions

Read the Grammar Rule

Listen to your Nurturer apply that rule in several example sentences.

Test your understanding immediately by creating your own examples with the help and immediate feedback of your Nurturer.

Repeat the process until you start to have a feel for the patterns involved.

Return to the regular GPA Phase-specific activities and enjoy noticing this grammar construct in a new light!

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Sign up for language sessions and gain access to more grammar activities!

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