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Learn Language. Engage Culture. Have Fun.

Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi and Telugu language and culture training to help you grow and thrive in South Asia.

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Why learn Hindi Urdu Punjabi Marathi or Telugu language and culture?


Personal Opportunities

  • Unlock the abundant relational and cultural treasures of South Asia

  • Interact with locals with confidence

  • Reduce cross-cultural stress and avoid common mistakes

Global Focus

  • Hindi Urdu is the third most spoken language in the world.

  • Punjabi is the tenth most spoken language in the world.

  • There are an estimated 90 million speakers of Marathi worldwide and an estimated 80 million speakers of Telugu. 

  • 40% of Indians speak Hindi as their first or second language

  • Millions of Hindi Urdu Punjabi Marathi and Telugu Speaking Indian migrants are found in different countries including the USA, Canada, UK, and Gulf countries.


Introduction to Launch- Video!

Launch India Distinctives


Professional and Friendly Service


Coaching and Support


Fun and Effective GPA Approach


Flexible Scheduling


Orientation Services

Let us know how we might help you in your Hindi Urdu Punjabi Marathi or Telugu language journey

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"If you’re looking to start learning language I highly recommend Launch India. The GPA style is challenging while also subtly growing your knowledge and abilities. The teachers are patient, encouraging and gently push you to succeed."

—  DR, Phase 3  Student

Basic Services


Fully Furnished Apartments

Looking for a place to live upon your arrival to India for either a short or long term stay? We have fully furnished apartments available for rent. Each apartment is in Mehrauli, Delhi where most of our nurturers live to help provide you with support and a comfortable entry into the nuances of Indian life or to provide you a place to stay if you'd like to schedule an in-person language intensive. Click below to view our apartments ready for your upcoming move.

Ancient Architecture

Language Sessions

Learn every day Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi or Telugu with the guidance of an Indian nurturer who will help you enter into a new culture, communicate meaningfully with locals, and build lasting relationships. Meet with a certified language coach to monitor your progress and get the most out of each session. Check out our Grammar and Hindi script workshops, kids classes, and recording libraries. Let us help you customize your learning experience to meet your unique goals!


Consulting and Trainings

Navigating life in a foreign country is full of unique challenges and opportunities. Our desire is to help you launch into a thriving life in this beautiful country with courage and confidence. We can help provide guidance on a multitude of questions: How do I best learn a new language? How do I hire and manage a house helper? What are some tips for healthy living here? How do you start and run a business in India? We are happy to come alongside you in these steps. 

How to Get Started


Choose the best option for you


Connect with us to schedule


Start your course or sessions 

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