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Policies & Procedures

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Policies and Procedures


Last updated February 2024

Scheduling Policy

Please fill out our participant inquiry form to get started at


We provide flexible scheduling that offers year-round access to learning Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Telugu or Marathi.  Sessions are offered Monday-Friday. The earliest sessions begin at 9:10 AM (India, IST time). To maintain a regular schedule, participants must take at least 10 hours a week over at least 4 days a week.  For best results we suggest committing to 20 hours per week. Our rates are structured based on the number of hours you take per week. (For more information on rates: Once you determine the number of hours you would like to take per week, we will give you the scheduling blocks available. 

If you’re still not sure if Launch India is the right fit for you, feel free to direct your questions to 

We have new sessions starting all the time and will work with you to get you started as soon as our schedule allows.


30 Day Notice Required for Scheduling Changes, Requesting Days OFF, or to Discontinue Sessions

Once we have worked with you to set up a session time, we will continue to schedule you during this block from month to month until you give us 30 days notice of when you would like your last day to be. Please send all scheduling requests now by email to  (For emergencies or last minute scheduling cancellations, send a message to your personal Launch Chat so that your Nurturer can be informed immediately. ) To keep staffing needs equivalent to numbers of clients we have, 30 days notice is required when you want to discontinue sessions or reduce your hours. This allows us time to rearrange schedules and plan for staffing needs. If you suddenly stop, you will be charged 50% of sessions for the next 30 days. Please keep this policy in mind. We need 30 days notice when you reduce your hours. If you suddenly choose not to continue, you will be charged 50% what you committed.

Launch India will be closed in 2024-2025 on the following dates:

  • March 25, 2023 OFF for Holi

  • April 10 OFF for Eid

  • June 17 OFF for Eid

  • August 15 OFF for Indian Independence Day

  • October 2 OFF for Gandhi Jayanti

  • November 1 OFF for Diwali

  • December 25 OFF for Christmas

  • January 1 OFF for New Years Day

  • January 26 Republic Day is a Sunday so office closure does not affect Launch

  • March 14, 2025 OFF for Holi

Please send any additional days you need OFF by email to 30 days in advance. 

You will be charged 50% the cost of your sessions if you give notice 48 hours in advance. You will be charged the full cost of your sessions if you give less than 48 hours notice. For emergencies or last minute scheduling cancellations, send a message to your personal Launch Chat so that our management team may inform your Nurturer immediately. 

Once you have given us notice of your last day of class with us (30 days in advance), you will no longer be issued a 50% refund for language sessions cancelled 48 hours in advance. This means that if you register with us for an amount of time 30 days or less, you will pay full cost for your registered classes in that time regardless of any classes you cancel. No refunds will be issued. 


If you have a request for a specific Nurturer, we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, we cannot guarantee that you will be with any certain person and can change you to new people based on what is best for your learning goals and works for our schedule. We will notify you when we are changing you to a new Nurturer. We will also send you a Nurturer evaluation at this point in time. Please fill that out as your feedback helps us provide timely training and encouragement for our staff to ensure you continue to receive the best experience possible. 

If you request OFF more than 10 consecutive days (with 30 day advance notice), we will not be able to guarantee to hold your spot for you.  We do not have a semester system but are always getting new people. You forfeit your spot for someone else to come in if you are OFF more than 10 days. We can try to fit you in your old schedule, but it may not be available. We will show you what is available. 


You can view your sessions here at: by clicking on the "log in" link in the top right corner and entering your acuity login info you created in the registration process. (As of February 2024, there is an "error code" showing in Acuity when clients try to log in to see their appointments. We are working to get this resolved and will update you soon. In the meantime, please check your email from our scheduling team ( sent at the end of every month for confirmation of your schedule and Nurturer(s) the following month).   See the instructions below on how to register for Acuity..

Registering with Acuity

When you register with us at Launch, you will be sent a link to register for an acuity account. Follow the instructions on this link to create your account and view your appointments. Registering for language sessions with Launch India means that I will automatically be subscribed to receive occasional email updates and offers from Launch India. I can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. 

Rescheduling Language Sessions

We recognize that everyone has unexpected things come up in their lives. Living or engaging cross-culturally amplifies the frequency of these changes. While it may feel like your crazy schedule is unique, the reality is that all our our clients and staff are dealing with the regular, unexpected changes. Extenuating circumstances is the norm for people living overseas and not the exception. 


Consistency is so helpful for language learning, so we appreciate your desire to reschedule your sessions rather than cancel even in the midst of navigating crazy schedules. We are happy to support you in that as long as we have availability! But please understand that we have limits to how much we can offer as we also are trying to navigate the pace of life here ourselves, while protecting our staff with sustainable policies.

You are not allowed to reschedule a language session that you cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. You will be charged the full cost of your sessions if you give less than 48 hours notice. For emergencies or last minute scheduling cancellations, send a message to your personal Launch Chat on Signal so that our management team may inform your Nurturer immediately. 


If you discover and notify us 48+ hours in advance that you are unable to attend your regular session time, but want to try to make up those hours, you may do so as we have availability in our Flex Schedule (the functions of this Flex schedule are still being developed and will be announced soon) as long as you schedule this make up session within 2 weeks of your missed session. You may no longer reschedule your language sessions directly with your Nurturer, but must always go through our scheduling team. 

To do so, please send an email to indicating the date and time of the session you are unable to attend and would like to reschedule. We will then offer you dates and times that we have available within two weeks of your reschedule request.  Because of the way we do contracts with our full time employees and part time consultant Nurturers, you will likely not be with the same Nurturer if you request to reschedule and may not have your rescheduled session at your normal time. We will do our best to work with you to find a time to reschedule. If you are unable to accept any of our openings within two weeks of your reschedule request, then this class will be considered a pre-cancelled class by you and you will receive a 50% refund for the time. 

Flex Schedule

Weekly, we will update Acuity and post extra hours available from our Nurturers. These will be on a first come, first serve basis. You may use these hours to reschedule sessions you needed to cancel. We cannot guarantee that your current Nurturer will have time on our Flex Schedule each week, so you may need to schedule your makeup session with a different Nurturer. 

Participants who have completed 600 hours with us (at least 100 hours into Phase 4) are eligible for our Flex Program. This means they can sign up to take classes less than 10 hours/week using the availability posted weekly on the Flex schedule. 

Overtime Scheduling Option

As much as possible, we want to encourage participants to take classes within the window of Mondays-Fridays 9am-6pm IST.  While most of our clients are now taking classes from countries nearer to India, we still want to be able to provide our services to those on the other side of the world. Our overtime block will be offered online to serve those clients especially who are eager to connect but who would struggle to do so in the regular India work day. This time block will be offered Monday-Friday from 6pm-10pm IST at an additional 18% of our normal rates. While we recommend taking at least 4 days/week and 10 hours/week minimum, we will not enforce this minimum if you are taking classes in the overtime block. 

Google Drive Resources

Launch India's digital resources and recordings are only available to students actively taking regular language sessions with us. If you discontinue sessions for 10 business days or more, you will be removed from these resources until you resume regular sessions again. We will offer non-active clients continued access to these resources for a subscription fee. 


You understand and agree that the intellectual property rights to all Launch India material belongs to Launch India and you will not use such material for commercial use or on terms other than agreed to.


Taking lessons with a buddy keeps sessions affordable and offers camaraderie. In general, we have seen that participants who continue in a pair or with a group go farther in their language learning journey. We cannot always guarantee you a partner, but let us know if you are interested and we can set up trial classes with other learners near your level. With our scheduling blocks, it is possible with a partner to still have one day a week apart which can be helpful to focus on your individual areas of improvement needed. If your partner requests off a scheduled off (30 days notice), you can still take class that day, but it will be charged at the individual rate. We recommend continuing in this circumstance so you can focus on your personal development. If your partner cancels sessions with less than 30 days notice, they will pay 50% and you will pay the regular group or pair rate. 


We send invoices once a month within the first day or two of each month.  We schedule and charge according to the Monday-Friday schedule listed below.  If you cancel classes according to the policies above (48+ hours notice), your 50% refund will be reflected on the next 30 day invoice. Please pay your invoice immediately. 

  • 2024: March: March 4-29 (4 weeks) *March 25 OFF

  • 2024: April: April 1-26 (4 weeks) *April 10 OFF

  • 2024: May: April 29-May 31 (5 weeks) 

  • 2024: June: June 3-28 (4 weeks) *June 17 OFF

  • 2024: July: July 1-August 2 (5 weeks) 

  • 2024: August: August 5-30 (4 weeks) *August 15 OFF

  • 2024: September: September 2-27 (4 weeks) 

  • 2024: October: September 30-November 1 (5 weeks) * Oct 2 OFF & Nov 1 OFF

  • 2024: November: November 4-29 (4 weeks) 

  • 2024: December: December 2-27 (4 weeks) *December 25 OFF

  • 2025: January: December 30-January 31 (5 weeks) *January 1 OFF & Jan 26 OFF

  • 2025: February: February 3-28 (4 weeks) 

  • 2025: March: March 3-28 (4 weeks) *March 14 OFF for Holi

Recommended Hours

1500 hours is recommended to become familiar with 10,000 words. This is the threshold for being able to understand nearly everything around you. We suggest a weekly schedule of 20 hours/week. This is the most efficient pace at which you can complete 1500 hours in less than 2 years. 

We do our best to keep track of where you are in the program and will send a monthly progress report with comments on when you should move to the next phase. But if you feel that you are ready to move on to the next phase prior to these dates, please contact our coaches (Mary or Brooke) via your Launch India Signal chat (“<your name> Launch Chat”). We will send you the guide for the next phase and schedule a time to meet for a phase overview.


GPA is broken into the following phases/hours:

Phase 1: 100 hours

Phase 2A: 50 hours, 2B: 75 hours, 2C: 25 hours

Phase 3A: 100 hours, 3B: 75 hours, 3C: 75 hours

Phase 4: 500 hours

Phase 5: 500 hours

Total: 1500 hours

Phase 6: Lifelong Learning

Observations and Nurturer Feedback Forms

We will send you a feedback form whenever you switch to a new Nurturer. Your feedback is so valuable to us, so please fill out the evaluation for your Nurturer so that we can continue to provide you with the best service possible. Your feedback will remain anonymous and used to encourage Nurturers in their strengths and inform how we work with them in trainings and personal development on areas of weakness.

Your classes will also be observed occasionally so that we can make sure you are receiving the best service possible.


For every hour of class you are taking, we give you and your Nurturer a 5 minute break. Please try to take these breaks all together and at a consistent time every day as it allows your Nurturer to plan accordingly and to do anything they need to do so that they can commit their full attention to you in each session.

Pricing and Loyalty Program

Our regular hourly rates are determined by number of hours per week and grouping. We are excited to offer an additional discount to clients the longer they stay with us. At 600 hours (100 hours into Phase 4), you will receive a discount of $1/hour OFF of our listed hourly rates. At 1000 hours (the start of Phase 5), you will receive a discount of $2/hour OFF of our listed hourly rates. 

We love to serve driven people. Your sessions with us will never be cancelled. We will always have staff on standby to substitute your class if your Nurturer needs to cancel. If you have time-bound goals, you can rest assured our staff will be there. Your progress is our highest priority.

Employee Relations

Our company has a no conversion policy. While discussing religious and spiritual topics, praying, and sharing about your life, beliefs, passions, and experiences in the local language is encouraged, we ask that GPs and employees not attempt to convert each other.

Mentor/Nurturers may not ask GPs for money or loans directly. We prohibit the lending of money of any amount as it tends to lead to negative results. We strive to care well for our staff financially. If a Mentor/Nurturer asks you for money, please consult the Launch India Management Team before responding.

We invest a lot of training in our Nurturers to help them develop to be the most effective for GP growth as possible and we strive to care well for all employees and freelancers who work for Launch India. GPs registering for sessions with Launch India agree to NOT hire Launch India employees or consultants/freelancers (both current or former staff) to facilitate language sessions outside of Launch India, regardless of whether you are a Launch India participant as this undermines our ability to care for all staff well. 


Nurturers/Mentors at our program are trained in the Growing Participator Approach (GPA). While our Nurturers are all experienced in using this approach, it is designed to be led by the Growing Participators (GPs). We provide a general GPA orientation, orientations for each specific phase, and individual coaching along the way. Along with this, Growing Participators (GPs) are expected to familiarize themselves with the approach by reading and following the phase specific guides.


Launch India has developed materials specific to our GPA program in South Asia that are only to be shared with Launch India growing participators. Please do not share the resources given to you with anyone else without permission. 

We use primarily a listening and speaking approach to language learning, and consider this foundational.  We do also highly recommend learning to read the Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi or Telugu script and have resources to help you in that. We highly advise against translating to or from English or writing down English-letter transliterations of the words you are learning as it limits your full understanding of a word or phrase and can lead you to bad pronunciation. Please be willing to work with us in this method, but we will try to tailor your learning environment to what suits you best.  Please stick to the activities that fit your phase so you can experience the most language growth. If you have difficulty understanding how to do an activity or if your Nurturer is not following the GPA, please contact Mary or Brooke or another Language Learning Encourager (LLE). They will sit in on your session and work through difficulties. 

Privacy and Data

We respect your privacy and so assure you that your data will be held securely by us and used only for the purpose of providing you with our best language tutoring services. You agree to report to us any unauthorised request for your personal information by our language trainers or nurturers or any other person at Launch India. While we will do everything within our control to prevent third party data breaches, we will not be liable for any third-party data breach violations outside our control or if we are required in law to respond to authorised government requests for your information. We will also do everything under our control to ensure that third party programs used in providing you our services, like acuity and box, do not violate your privacy and safeguard your data. We, however, take no responsibility for any data breaches by such third-party programs or for any personalized privacy settings or terms that you agree to with such third-party programs or service providers.

Non Assignment of Terms

These terms and conditions and your spot after signing up with us cannot be assigned to any other person in your place unless we agree to allow it in writing.

Things Outside Our Control

We are committed to ensuring that there are no disruptions in our services to you, but you agree to not holding us liable for any disruptions or loss caused to you in the event of force majeure circumstances like another pandemic or a flood, earthquake, civil war etc., including any acts of third-party service providers that we have not control over.

Code of Conduct

You give us the right to terminate our services to you if you violate our terms and conditions, behave in a violent or abusive manner, or fail to make payments as agreed to or refused to comply with our request to comply with these terms or desist from any conduct as requested. We owe you the right to know what code of conduct you violated before terminating our services to you and give you a chance to respond in most situations. We are confident that such situations at Launch India will be as rare as having planes make emergency landings in water but still have a duty to let you know.

Dispute Resolution

We are committed to amicably resolving any concerns or disputes raised with regard to our services or these policies fairly and with mutual respect. If our efforts of mediation fail even after a period of four weeks from when the dispute was first raised in writing, then we agree to refer the dispute to arbitration to be conducted in New Delhi by a single arbitrator to be mutually appointed. The Arbitration will be held in the English language, as per the provisions of the Indian Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. Each party agrees to bear their own legal costs unless ordered otherwise by the arbitrator.

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