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24 Most Common Birds in Delhi

Updated: Apr 15

Gone is the day when you need to be retired to enjoy going for a walk specifically to look for birds!

"Birding"- the act of being on the look-out (and even better) having your ears attuned to the songs of birds around you- is becoming increasingly popular for people of all ages. Whether you're an experienced birder, just fan of the exciting, strategic game of Wingspan or simply a novice bird fangirl like myself, the birds accessible from regular parks in Delhi will surely not disappoint.

Download our Self-Guided Delhi Bird Hunt brochure and head off to one of our recommended parks in Delhi to see how many of these species you can spot! Leave a comment below with your "score" from your bird hunt, with a description or photo of your time, or with a note about a bird we should add to this list!

Self Guided Delhi Bird Tour
Download PDF • 1.01MB

Top 24 Birds in Delhi, their Scientific Names, and Common Names in Hindi/Urdu

1. The House Crow- Corvus splendens, - "kaua"

2. Pigeon- Columba livia-  "kabootar"

3. Black Kite- Milvus migrans- "cheel"

4. Common Myna- Acridotheres tristis- "myna"

5. House Sparrow- Passer domesticus- "chidiya"

6. Rose-ringed Parakeet- Psittacula krameri- "tota"

7. Laughing Dove- Spilopelia senegalensis

8. Jungle Babbler- Turdoides striata

9. Cattle Egret- Bubulcus ibis

10. Red Wattled Lapwing- Vanellus indicus- "titori"

11. Red-vented Bulbul- Pycnonotus cafer- "guldum"

12. Oriental Magpie Robin- Copsychus saularis

13. Rufous Treepie- Dendrocitta vagabunda- "kotri"

14. Indian Peafowl- Pavo cristatus- "mor"

15. Black-rumped flameback- Dinopium benghalense

16. Indian gray hornbill- Ocyceros birostris

17. Brown-headed Barbet- Megalaima zeylanica

18. White-throated Kingfisher- Halcyon smyrnensis- "neelakanth"

19. Yellow-footed green pigeon- Treron phoenicoptera- "hariyal"

20. Purple sunbird- Cinnyris asiaticus- "shakar-khora"

21. Eurasian Hoopoe- Upupa epops- "hud-hud"

22. Asian Koel- Eudynamys scolopaceus

23. Black Drongo- Dicrurus macrocercus

24. Indian Golden Oriole- Oriolus kundoo- peelak

Recommended Parks for Birding in Delhi:

  • Lodhi Garden

  • Aravali Biodiversity Park

  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary

  • Archaelogical Park or Sanjay Van near Qutub Minar

  • DDA Park or Aam Baag in Mehrauli

Live Action Wingspan Asian Expansion

And a special note to the Wingspan board game fans out there- 15 of these top 24 birds in Delhi can be found in the Asian expansion, and one in the European Expansion. So if you have made it all the way to Delhi, be sure to see how many of the real Asian expansion birds you can "play" and add to our comments below to see if you generated the new high score!

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