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For current GPA learners 

This page is for those who are currently enrolled in our language and cultural programs. Below you will find:

  • Opportunities to sign up for your next language session

  • Portal to our language resource library, available every Launch learner

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Hindi Urdu Spectrum

You may have already discovered already, in North India few people speak a pure form of Hindi or Urdu. And that is one of the beauties of Indian life and culture! So as you consider how you might want to focus or diversify you language learning, use this spectrum tool to your advantage! 

Below you can sign up for your next language sessions!

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Hindi Urdu Spectrum

Materials for Class and Personal Study


Digital Library: Language Learning Resources

Check out our library of resources available to only Launch India learners like you! Organized by phase or language-culture focus, our resources will empower you to deeply engage with the amazing people of India. 

Follow the link below and use the provided password to access the Launch India digital library!

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Contact us for a free consultation with a language guide and certified GPA coach.

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